Commercial Floor Care in Denver

Keeping Properties Clean from the Ground Up

Commercial floor cleaning in Denver and throughout Colorado is a must for businesses and commercial properties. Snow, ice, mud, and road salt can stain carpets, streak vinyl tile floors, and devastate tile. Anago of Denver has years of experience cleaning these hard-to-extract stains from many different types of contaminants. Anago specializes in industrial floor care, including carpets, vinyl tile and sheet floor, and ceramic tile and grout.

Commercial Floor Care for Carpets

Commercial carpet cleaning is often much more challenging than the cleaning of ceramic or vinyl tile floorings. Carpets typically have multiple layers. When a spill happens or when people track in mud or snow, liquids seep into the lower levels of the carpet itself. If the issue is not dealt with swiftly, these stains are much harder to get out.

Anago of Denver has a wealth of experience making old, dingy, and stained carpets look as good as new using encapsulation cleaning, hot water extraction cleaning, steam cleaning, bonnet cleaning, and cutting-edge spot cleaning techniques.

Vinyl Tile & Sheet Flooring Cleaning

Vinyl sheet and tile require three different approaches to achieve spotless and shiny flooring.

Anago of Denver's cleaning specialists are trained in the following methods:

  • Strip, seal, and wax – If your vinyl flooring is extremely damaged or if your current coat of wax is yellow, this is the best option for your business. Our cleaning crew strips the old and dingy wax from your floors, applies a new coat, and seals the wax for extra protection against scuffs, stains, and scratches.
  • Top wax scrub and re-coating – We use this method if your floor has recently been waxed and is not yellow or damaged too badly. We refresh your floor by applying a top wax scrub and a quick topical recoat.
  • Spray buff – This technique works best if your floors are in great condition but you would like a touch-up. This is achieved using a very thin layer of a wax and water mixture that is then machine-buffed out.

Ceramic Tile & Grout Cleaning

Ceramic tile is a favorite floor option in hospitals, office buildings, and other properties where a large area needs coverage. This type of flooring is extremely cost-effective but often becomes dirty, scuffed, and stained from high-volume foot traffic.

Our floor care plan for ceramic tile involves three steps:

  • Low-speed floor scrub – Our powerful low-speed floor scrub lifts grime, scuff marks, dried mud, and other dirt from the top layer of the ceramic tile flooring.
  • Wet-dry vacuum – Should any debris be left behind, the wet-dry vacuum will sweep away leftover dirt.
  • Hand scrub – Sometimes, no matter how powerful your cleaning tools are, you need an old-fashioned hand scrub to get that last bit of grime and dirt out of the grout or tile.

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