Post-Construction Clean-Up in Denver

Leave a Project This Complex to the Professionals

Construction clean-ups can be extremely time-consuming. Construction crews often do not possess the knowledge or motivation for effectively, carefully, and safely removing stains, paint, dirt, and other substances from carpet, tile, and vinyl flooring. When you hire Anago of Denver, you get post-construction clean-up methods that are affordable and second to none.

After the completion of a construction project, windows, carpets, exposed surfaces, tile, and other surfaces are often left covered in dirt, debris, paint, and dust. Due to the many hazards associated with construction sites, we only send our most experienced cleaning specialists to handle these types of jobs. Each member of our construction cleaning crew is licensed, bonded, and insured and has completed countless hours of safety training in accordance with OSHA guidelines.

Our customized construction cleaning services can include:

  • Dusting – Ceiling fans, cabinets, drawers, vent grids, baseboards, crown moldings, and other surfaces that tend to accumulate dust and dirt
  • Windows – Cleaning and disinfecting windows on both inside and outside the building, getting rid of dust buildup, fingerprints, and tape
  • Restrooms – Includes grout cleaning, removal of labels and residue on fixtures, wall detailing, and de-liming
  • Laminate cleaning – Light scrubbing followed by machine buffing
  • Vinyl composite tile – Depending on staining and wear, one of three different care methods: strip and wax, polish, or scrub and recoat
  • Concrete – Auto scrubbing and power washing for garages, driveways, basements, etc.
  • Ceramic tile – Clean, scrub, and seal after lots of foot traffic, dust, mud, and other stains

Anago of Denver can also provide emergency cleaning service in the event of water damage. Call our 24/7 client support line in the event of an urgent situation and we can dispatch a crew to your location within two hours of your call.

Contact Anago of Denver today at (720) 907-1018 about construction clean-up in Denver and surrounding areas. We will tour your job site with you to discuss your needs and formulate a personalized cleaning plan and quote at no charge!